Sunday, July 20, 2008

Moving, Sublets, Cats & Other Nonsense

So I recently participated in the whole being married thing recently which has been pretty sweet. We just got back from our honeymoon in Australia which was filled with kangaroos and the sounds of didgeridoos in the distance and whatnot. Heres some other nonsense thats been going on that may or may not be of interest.

Moving, the Cat and Craigslist

While overstaying the welcome of my lease at my old apartment (in particular because of my landlord's "no pets" clause), we were recently looking at different options for living. At first I was looking at trying to board the cat for a few months and making a deal with my landlord, but I got a quote to board the thing and found out that it would cost $500 a month for a mini cat prison cell !?!

At the same time we starting looking for random, temporary 3-4 month living arrangements on craigslist. The thing that horrified me was that I discovered it would be cheaper to find our cat its own apartment at in Chicago and put like 6 litter boxes in there, and then rent a second apartment for my wife and I.

The Loft

After a few weeks of looking at different options we finally found this really strange artist's loft in a recently gentrified neighborhood in Chicago. The guy we are subletting from is an art professor who was going to Europe for 4 months to do an art showcase and needed someone to take over his loft for a few months, so we said what the hell.

The neighborhood is pretty cool place. Its kind of a blend of yuppies and hipsters with a smattering of people who want to steal things from you and/or cause bodily harm. Lots of great restaurants & bars and the place we are staying at is pretty wild. It is a huge first floor loft that used be like a Polish button factory or something (At least I think thats what my wife's Dad told me). Its also right next to the "el" which makes my commute a little better. I guess you could say its one of those types of places that you would never want to buy, probably wouldn't want to rent, but it would be really cool to stay in for a few months (depending on who you ask).

Real Estate and Other Nonsense

Lately we've been trying to figure out this whole real estate thing, which is a wild and hideous adventure that many of my friends have already detailed to me. We've been looking around the last couple months, so hopefully something good will come out of our hunting. Or of course theres always the likelihood that we'll fall in love with living in the city and just rent for another year or we won't find something we like or who the hell knows.

Things are crazy, but overall they are going well. My wife hasn't even tried to kill me yet. (Although she may be planning an extravagant plot as we speak.) I even sort of like having a cat.