Monday, August 07, 2006

Band Story Part III

So my Sophomore year of college started and I had two songs recorded for what would be the beginning of my "solo career." The second I stepped foot back on the college campus after my first summer back at home I nearly forgot that I had even recorded them. It was back to the books and the booze and other music related activities.

For some reason I never took the first two songs I recorded by myself seriously. Of course I never took myself seriously before that either but I just never imagined myself being able to successfully play music at my college and have people actually interested.

At the same time I had spent my Freshman year virtually absent from music and was itching to get back doing at least something. So I took on an music internship with a company called CMJ. Most of you probably have never heard of it, but anyone who has even been exposed to college radio is very familiar. I worked for them for roughly 6 months promoting the CMJ magazine and up and coming bands, before their entire internship program went under. It was kind of a peculiar position but what I got out of it was some extra money to spend on beer, but most importantly an all expenses paid trip to New York (minus airfare) for their annual CMJ conference.

There I met with other college students from around the country who had way more sophisticated music tastes than myself and was exposed to all new types of music. It was 2000 and I was seeing Dashboard Confessional in a little coffee shop by the NYU campus, caught an up and coming indie rock band called Death Cab for Cutie and talked to all kinds of people who were into all kinds of different genres of music. I saw Chuck D from Public Enemy speak about the controversies of Napster and online file sharing, I saw a live performance of Radiohead playing songs from a bizarre album called Kid A. In general that 4 days opened my eyes to all sorts of performers and ideas and I came back re-energized about playing music again.

Only problem was, I couldn't figure out how I could play music at my college that people would actually listen to. No one wanted to listen to punk or indie rock or anything. Mostly people wanted to get wasted and listen to the latest Nelly single or jam out to the latest 3 Doors Down tune. (In hindsight I was somewhat wrong about that, but it helped me out down the line when it came time to become the ever dreaded "bar performer.") Then I remembered that joke song I had written and recorded with my friend back in the summer and immediately began working on an a 4 song EP that we would record during the upcoming Christmas break.