Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Paper Shredder

Dear Ex-Apartment-Mate,

I am an Idiot.

I recently bought a paper shredder, as I began to really like the one you had at our old place.

I've really been enjoying it and have been on a shred-a-thon the last couple weeks, shredding everything I can get my hands on.

I have gotten out of control and am not even looking at the things I've been shredding before I send them on their way to destruction.

With that said, I accidently shredded that check you mailed me last week.

I wish I was kidding. I was able to retrieve the sliver of the amount that was written out for.

Anyways once and if our ex- landlord mails back our security deposit would you mind adding that on to whatever we get back

I can't believe I did that.

I am an Idiot.