Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween and Mystery Dinners

The Day
Halloween. How come I never realized when I was alot younger that it is much easier to go to Target and buy 5 bags of snacked sized candy bars and sit in front of the tv watching Arrested Development while gorging myself with hersey bars instead of walking miles of suburban sidewalks in the freezing ass cold to receive "treats" from random strangers.

The Costume

Upon my very misguided suggestion my girlfriend and I dressed as Elements for Halloween. You know those things on the periodic table? I don't think i've ever had a costume that more people thought was so terrible and utterly unfunny. I was Boron and my girlfriend was Phosphorus. She informed me a few weeks ago that most girls usually wear slutty costumes on Halloween and this idea would not fit into that category. I suggested that she be "slutty phosphorus." She was not amused.

We both wore poster board with two holes poked in it and a shoelace draped around our necks. It had our Element's symbol, atomic weight, and atomic number. We went to two parties and let me tell you. People hated these costumes.

People would come up to me at random intervals throughout the party asking "Dude, why the hell are you dressed as an element?"

I gave them all the same answer. "I love science."

So this poor girl stuck by me through this whole elements situation. I can't describe how great it feels to have someone who will stick by you through thick and thin, even if you have a terrible sense of humor, and tend to laugh rather loudly at your own excrutiatingly unfunny jokes.

She took it all too well. It just didn't make sense. Why was she so willing stand by me as I proceeded to make a fool out of both of us?

The Payback
Then a couple days later she handed me my invitation to the "Mystery Dinner" and it all made sense.

Now I know you are thinking, "Mystery Dinner? that sounds pretty sweet, people trying all sorts of new foods and like eating dinner with blindfolds on or something?"

Yeah thats what I thought a Mystery Dinner was the first time around a couple months ago.

I am now much more the wiser.

In reality its this dinner party where you have to act as some random character and play out a "Murder Mystery" with a group of people. For the last "Mystery" the part I played was "the happy guy." This starring role did not work out too well for me though however due to the fact that I am a grumpy bastard, in particular with things like Murder and Mystery. And when the two come together into a dinner party/theatrical extravaganza it's sometimes too much for me to handle.

But how can I complain? Last weekend she was a part of the periodic table.

The Truth
God, I love science.