Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Great Standoff 2005

The current temperature in our apartment stands at 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

I can see my breath

I am typing on my computer while wearing gloves.

I have two sweatshirts, a jacket and a hat on.

Our landlord still hasn't put the heat on.

We would call and complain but the last time he talked to us he claimed he wanted to raise our rent.

After going through our first year lease, we are now paying month to month for the apartment.

It is well within his means to raise our rent. It is also well within our means to move out.

It is a standoff.

If we continue to wait and the heat is not put on, the pipes will eventually freeze and burst. Then we will also have to move out.

This is fucking hilarious. I can see my breath. It is difficult to type with gloves on.

I have a hockey game tonight and I'm excited because it will probably be warmer at the ice rink.

To add insult to injury the heat is also currently not working in my car.

Tonight I actually considered sleeping at the office.

Yeah we could easily afford the higher rent.

But its a matter of principal.

You probably think i'm an idiot.

You may be right.