Sunday, May 01, 2005

Letter to Chipotle

Dear Chipotle,

A little less than a year ago I used to live in my parent's basement. This was truly an unfortunate situation but being a recent college graduate with no job I had no choice but to move back in with the people responsible for my birth. They live in a nice two story house in a Northwest suburb of Chicago that has a wonderful Chipotle Restaurant. I was introduced to your establishments by a coupon I received in the mail entitling me to a free burrito. This couldn't have come at a better time due to the fact that I was hungry, but didn't have any money.

Anyways I am getting off the subject of what I am trying to say. This restaurant by my parent's house has the most buttery rice of any Chipotle establishment I have been to and I have frequented many a Chipotle. Because of this buttery rice, the burritos there are far superior to any other burrito that I have consumed at your other restaurants.

About a year ago I got a job and I moved into an apartment in a trendy western suburb of Chicago called Forest Park, IL. I'm not going to say that one of the factors of me moving there had to do with there being a nearby Chipotle, but maybe I should. Your Oak Park restaurant is a wonderful place. The staff is cheery and I always feel at home whenever I dine there. But I have one problem. The rice. It doesn't have that same buttery goodness that the restaurant by my parent's has. I've been to Chipotles in Chicago and Milwaukee as well and I've also noted a lack of butter saturated rice.

I have often thought about driving the 40 minutes back to my parent's house to enjoy a burrito at the Chipotle there but my girlfriend will never let me. Do you think you could tell other Chipotle restaurants about how good buttery rice is? I think if they knew this than I might be able to stop carrying around sticks of butter everywhere I go. It always melts in my pocket and leaves grease stains on my pants which has started to get really annoying. I have thought about carrying around a bottle of spray butter, or purchasing a pair of stain defender khakis, but then I thought that the best solution was to write you and ask if your Oak Park, IL restaurant could establish a "buttery rice initiative." This would make me very happy and I feel confident that it would also warm the hearts of thousands of other Chipotle customers.

Thank you for your time.

Reply From Chipotle
Thanks so much for the note. I can certainly share the note so our people can look into our recipes, but the strange thing is the fact that we don't use butter in our rice at all...

David Chrisman