Thursday, May 19, 2005

Duluth, MN

Just got back from Duluth, MN. you know. way the fuck up there.

It was cold, rainy, and generally miserable but with beers and good company this was not an issue.

We saw boats cruising lake superior and whatnot.

We drove up a big hill that Duluth is built on.

We laughed when we saw a very inebriated chick dancing in a suggestive manner.

We viewed someone trying to move an entire house down the highway.

We drank Sparks energy beers.

We were informed that my friend's girlfriend had a ring on her finger.

We went to bars where people don't smoke and loved it.

We ate pancakes that looked like Mickey Mouse.

We checked out a lighthouse and inquired about its origins to a woman who gives guided tours of lifehouses as a career.

We colored in coloring books with coloring crayons.

We watched the special features on the Seinfeld dvds and enjoyed the cast member's clever insight.

We ate pies with strange names.

We went to the "Bottle Shoppe."

We drank cheap champagne out of little bottles.

We played lazer tag.

We took pleasant mid afternoon naps.

We challenged ourselves to board games of varying difficulty.

We watched graduate students jump on trampolines.

We chewed on fire-kissed venison.

We noticed a guy sticking up his middle finger in my rear view mirror as I cut someone off.

We ran out of gas in the middle the highway.

We had a Wisconsin police officer drive us to get a gas can.

We listened to Mike Doughty's new album "Haughty Melodic."