Sunday, April 03, 2005

Shooting for the Stars

Last week I decided to stop by the newly constructed "Hinsdale Oasis" up top the I -294 expressway (just south of Chicago) to get some breakfast. I'm sure most states have these, you know the restaurant/gas station combos that are typically built over the top of expressways and major interstates? Anyways this one is new. It has shiny floors, over priced fast food and clean bathrooms. It's great. seriously.

So I went to the Mc Donalds there and ordered a breakfast combo meal. I was pretty excited about it actually. I waited for a short period of time and then the old woman behind the counter brought food up and said, "Who ordered a McSausage biscuit meal with orange juice?" I said, "Is it possible that could be the McSausage biscuit meal with coffee I just ordered." And the old woman looked at me intensely and said, "anything is possible here." And as she poured out the orange juice and gave me my small coffee I thought to myself, "man that is really uplifting that this woman is so optimistic and excited about the many possibilities available to her and her customers at this small Mc Donalds franchise lofted above a major expressway. I mean it was like, the sky was the limit for her. She was shooting for the stars and I appreciated that.