Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bloglines and RSS Feeds

The Internet is quickly changing. Everyday someone is talking about the next great big thing and most of the time it's a bunch of bullshit, but I thought I'd point out this service to people who have not yet learned about the amazing capabilities of RSS or (Really Simple Syndication).

I don't like surfing the Internet anymore. I barely have time. Theres 5 million sites I want to read and there isn't enough time in the day to check every site and see if anything new or interesting has been posted. That is where Bloglines comes in. Bloglines is a news aggregator. If you don't know what that means, that is okay I suppose but get your fucking act together alright?

Anyways the majority of good sites on the web have an RSS feed that you can subcribe to in a news aggregator that monitors hundreds of sites from one web page. As a matter of fact Positively 18th Street is fully equipped with one of these RSS feeds I speak of. Instead of going to every internet site you typically visit every day, all you do is go to your bloglines account and all of the information from your designated sites that have been recently updated is displayed on your account page.

If you see an icon on a website that means the site has an RSS Feed, but even more pages have feeds but don't have that icon, because frankly the majority of site owners have no fucking clue what RSS is. When you click on these icons you will get a bunch of crazy programming code. Ignore that. You want to take the URL from the address bar and copy it so that it can later be pasted into your bloglines account and you can subcribe to that feed. For instance the address for Positively 18th Street's RSS feed is

If you aren't familiar with RSS and haven't given it a try, I really recommend giving it a go. Just from a business standpoint alone you can read far more information when it is gathered in an RSS reader like Bloglines than if you are bullshitting around trying to go to 30 different sites everyday. Oh yeah and it's free.

Also if you are using the super nerdy, ultra hip Mozilla Firefox Browser there are a bunch of different ways to set up your Bloglines account for one click RSS feed subscriptions. But I'd suggest starting out with training wheels before you get on to the big scary bike. or at least wear a helmet.

To subscribe to Positively 18th Street's RSS Feed in Bloglines click here

To find which of your favorite sites also have RSS Feeds click here