Sunday, February 27, 2005

One Year

So this week it will officially be one year since I started this website. Its amazing how fast time flies by. I've written about a ton of different things, but the general subject has been office life and how exhausting, frustrating, and generally ridiculous it can be. It definitely is a confining subject. I mean Christ, there's only 4 walls in an office, 1 employee refrigerator full of old boxes of chinese food and moldy squares of lasagna, a handful of workers seemingly striving toward the same goal, a few boxes full of pens with my companies logo emblazoned on them, a diverse collection of standardized forms which allow us to "do business" and get involved in a neverending game of "the great paper chase". But it's my life I suppose.

Off to the right you will see the Top Ten writings since Positively 18th Street started out in March of last year. They aren't in any particular order, and their wasn't a independent panel of judges who sat down with a couple cases of beer and decided what the best were. I just looked through the site the other day and picked out my favorite writings. Enjoy.