Monday, August 16, 2004

Another Cellular Sob Story

This weekend I had hoped to go to AT&T wireless to buy a new cell phone.

Sometime Thursday or Friday night in a drunken haze I lost my credit card.

When I discovered this, I grabbed my cell phone and attempted to call my bank to disable it.

This was a measure I had hoped to take so that degenerates weren't prancing around the greater Chicagoland area swiping my credit card and purchasing high definition televisions and silk boxer shorts and whatnot.

A couple of weekends ago I spilled beer on my phone and the "8" and "3" buttons no longer function.

The phone number for my bank is 877-226-5663.

I couldn't dial my bank's number to deactivate my credit card because my phone was busted.

I couldn't buy a new phone because I lost my credit card.

Some people would call this a Catch 22.

But some might just say, "dude you totally fucking lost."

And I ask "well who won then?"

and someone off in the distance says, "well the guy with the new high definition tv and silk boxers, I presume."