Thursday, June 10, 2004

Welcome to the Real World

I'm entering my first summer of full time employment and boy it stings.

Yeah I've worked summers in an "internship" or other "college jobs", but that's completely different because there's a foreseeable end. You know that you're going back to school. After you've entered the real world you look off into the future and you don't know what's coming next. It's a roll of the dice. It's a shake of one of those 8 balls that give you nothing but vague answers.

Last year I was working full-time downtown but I knew the whole time that by September I'd be back to filling pointless circles in with a #2 pencil that had no real effect on anything.

And it's the warm sunny days that really piss you off. You're sitting cramped up in your desk space with a fucking winter jacket on because they've got the air conditioning cranked up to full blast, while you're unemployed buddies are out in the sun playing a round of golf, or sitting on the beach sipping from umbrella drinks that girls in grass skirts are serving them.

And you're friends that actually have jobs are sending you text messages on your cell saying things such as "I want to hang myself," or "This air conditioning is fucking hideous."

And you're violently sipping at your mug of coffee trying to fight off that hangover, cursing yourself over and again, why did I go out last night?

And all there is to say is, "Welcome to the Real World."

And you say to yourself, "that show on MTV is nothing like this." Where's the token gay roomate? or the comedic black guy? or the slutty white chick? and why am I updating this excel spreadsheet for the umpteenth time?