Tuesday, June 29, 2004

My Sincerest Apologies

So I haven't updated in a while. Sue me. For some reason last night I overhauled the entire site, wasting the whole evening screwing around with HTML code when I should have been packing. See I'm moving. Like out of my parents basement. I keep meaning to write about it in greater detail, but keep getting caught up with other things that are clearly less important than documenting my life in electronic form.

Like for instance I've been cleaning. For instance my room. To say it's a mess would be quite an understatement. More like 23 years of dedicated disorganization. I'm trying to put things in boxes, while realizing that the majority of the junk contained in my room has no real purpose but to decompose in some landfill that will become a golf course in 10 years. For instance I threw out all the commencement bulletins and booklets from college graduation. A bunch of pointless stapled paper packets listing a bunch of meaningless awards that that weren't given to me. My name is somewhere in there among 1000's of other students in small fine print, I presume. And in 10 years as someone tees off on the 7th hole of a city owned golf course, with my commencement packets 40 feet below, It will be just another worthless piece of junk rotting under the ground.

I found all kinds of stuff in my room.

Cards from birthdays past, blue jeans that should have been discarded years ago with holey knees, snapshots of old girlfriends, friends, acquaintances that have since disapeared from my social circles, loose pocket change, metal hangers that are bent out of shape and unable of performing their original purpose, shoe boxes full of cassette tapes of music i'd rather not admit to listening to, paper weights bearing various emblems and symbols, A green pencil reading "Isn't it pretty to think so?," business cards, notes, and papers from failed and often depressing job searches, parking tickets, stuffed animals from canceled cartoon series, useless trinkets from tourist traps, ticket stubs from concerts, plays, movies and other random nonsense, a drinking ticket that reads, "unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor, he being a person under the age of twenty one(18 years old) knowingly consumed alcoholic beverages, to wit, Old Style beers," and loads of other treasures that will soon find themselves on the curb in a grey plastic drawstring bag.