Tuesday, June 15, 2004

G-Strings and G-Mail

At 2am the strippers came. You know about strippers right? The girls with the fake boobs, tired drugged out faces, and the tatoos. I'm not sure why we like strippers so much or maybe most of us don't but just won't say it.

One of my buddies the next morning said, "I really don't like strippers." And I was like "yeah strippers are pretty much one of the trashiest breeds of people alive, but you have to admit there's something comical about 20 guys all circled around two girls pleasuring themselves using a Black and Decker power drill with a phallic attachment at 2:30 in the morning." Or maybe that's just disturbing. But such is your typical bachelor party.

So there really isn't much more to write about that. yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah, I woke up with a horrible hangover, the end.

I'm giving away 3 G-Mail Accounts to readers of Positively 18th Street

If you aren't familiar with G-mail it is the soon to be free e-mail service started by Google. In the last couple months a very limited amount of invitations were given out to select people, and I was lucky enough to receive one. People have been selling these accounts on ebay for upwards of $100 dollars a pop. Recently I was given three additional invitations by Google and instead of selling them I've decided to give them away free to my readers. The accounts have 1gig of space so you will never fill your mailbox like with hotmail or yahoo.

People are dying to get there hands on one of these accounts, click here to see.

6pm: all Gmail accounts have been given away, thanks for the stripper stories