Tuesday, May 25, 2004

So how's the job goin?

I hate when people ask, "so how do you like your job?"

It's a very common question and pretty much everyone seems to be asking it, even myself, and we always get the same answer. "Oh it's going sooo great!!!."

What a line of bullshit that is, and I even find myself saying it.

No matter how romantic a view you had about the corporate world, sooner or later you will be broken.

Working 40 hours or more a week inherently sucks, and there is really no way around it.

Work is what it is, it's work. It's not sitting on the beach drinking umbrella drinks, it's not vegging out on the couch eating potato chips, it's not going out to bars, or to concerts, or making out with chicks, or going to ball games. It's work

Which is not to say, that I hate my job.

But if I don't inherit a million dollars or win the lottery sometime in the next couple years, I will probably strangle myself.