Monday, May 17, 2004

Less Talk, More Drink

20 dollars all you can drink seems like a great deal. They put a wrist band on you and let you run wild in the bar, slugging down as many watered down cocktails as you can get your hands on in the alloted 3 hour period. That is fun and all, until the three hour period expires at midnight and hundreds of people cram into the bar for 5 dollar drinks and then something horrible happens.

They turn up whatever horrible music they have on their stereo as loud as it will go.

Q. Why do we go to bars where the music is turned up so loud that there is no possible way to carry on conversation?

A. Because girls go to those kinds of bars.

Q. Why do girls go to those kinds of bars?

A. I don't know, because when I asked them they couldn't hear me because the music was turned up too loud.

Owners of bars who purposely blast the music as loud as it can go to increase their alcohol sales should be taken out in the street and shot.

There is nothing enjoyable about going to these places.

You try getting really close and yell in people's ears but you can only take so much of that.

I think that I'm an inherently fun person, and if this bar is packed to the brim, in theory the place should provide some element of fun. Do all these people in the bar know something I don't?