Monday, May 03, 2004

It might be time to find a new job if:

- Your boss tells you to have the proposal finalized by 3pm and you think he is really telling you to play solitaire on your computer for the duration of the day.

- You walk into a meeting with one of your clients wearing an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt and then sit down next to your boss.

- You think that the crisper at the bottom of the employee refrigerator is "a good place to store beers."

- Some days you go out to the company parking lot during your lunch break to siphon gas out of your co-workers cars.

- You've thought about stabbing your boss with your letter opener.

- When you pick up your phone you answer with, "Worst company ever, underpaid entry level employee speaking."

- You've ever walked into the office sporting a three piece suit made of Hemp.

- You spend more time watering and pruning the plants on your desk than doing anything actually resembling real work.

- After a co-worker gives a stirring 2 hour presentation on the company's financials you slap her on the ass and tell her "good game."

- You feel left out because everyone else has pictures of their kids on their desk so you put a bunch of frames that you bought at Walmart on your desk with the pictures that came with the frames still in them.

- Your boss can't find you to see if the deal is locked in yet because you are throwing dice on the side of the office with the maintenance guys.

- You try to impress your fellow employees during lunch by taking a dare to eat from the box of Chinese food that has been in the refrigerator longer than you've been working for the company.

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