Friday, May 14, 2004

Hooters Billboards and Whatnot

The other day I was driving through Chicago and saw a billboard for Hooters that disturbed me. On one side of the board was the expected large chested waitress smiling, hunched over trying to show as much cleavage as possible. But on the other side of the board was a large picture of a fucking salad!?!! Yes it's true, Hooters is now advertising salads. And you want to know why? Because guys are obviously going in and actually saying to the waitresses "I don't think I want to eat hotwings while I stare at your chest, do you have anything light like maybe a salad? Now that is just wrong.
hooters girl
The reason you go to Hooters is because it's one of the only places you can act like an animal, eat chicken wings, hot sauce smeared all over yourself, licking your fingers, burping, drinking beers, and still have attractive girls with rather large chests flirt with you. Of course they are still absolutely disgusted with you, but there are tips at stake and lord knows that Hooters waitresses are known for being a classy bunch. Now if your sister works for Hooters, don't get all bent out of shape. She might not be the classiest chick on the block, but she does look good in those tight orange shorts. On second thought, I'll have a salad.

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