Friday, May 07, 2004

Grandpa's Birthday, Ten High Whiskey and Such

I didn't watch the Friends finale, and I feel like a better person for not having done so.

Today I was cleaning out my car and I found a warm can of pabst blue ribbon.

It was my Grandpa's birthday today. He is some age in the 70's.

I went over to his house and hung out with him and my great uncle and drank old styles, or "styles" as I like to call them and took shots of ten high whiskey.

ten high whiskey is less than enjoyable, but increases in goodness depending on your company.

My grandpa made this fantastic meat loaf, as well as some mashed potatoes and told old war stories.

my great uncle told me about a time that he drag raced some guy in his office parking lot after work, once and won.

i thought that was fantastic.

they go to the dog track in kenosha every wednesday, and we discussed at length different strategies at which you can win with. My grandpa has been betting on the number 8 dog, every race, every wednesday, for the last 10 years.

i don't think i've done anything for ten years.