Thursday, May 13, 2004

Aaron Karo Live

The other night me and a buddy went to go check out Aaron Karo live at Zanies in Chicago. If you're not familiar with Aaron Karo, you should be. He is one of the funniest 20 something writers out there, and suprisingly, a side splitingly funny stand up comedian. He's also the author of a great book called Ruminations on College Life. But to be honest the best thing about his stand up performance was that he mostly stayed away from the subject of college, cause sometimes after a miserable day at work that kind of sophomoric humor is about as entertaining as a movie with an actress from friends in the cast.

I've never been to Zanies before either but I thought it was an absolute riot. And let me tell you, I've never seen more cute girls packed into one place in a long time. Of course that's because at the dive bars I go to out in the suburbs you're more likely to see some old guy who's missing a few teeth sitting at the bar than any member of the female species.