Tuesday, April 13, 2004

There's nothing worse than people who talk on their cell phone while they're driving. If you're ever driving down the highway and you see some idiot in the left lane driving 20 miles an hour you can bet your bottom dollar it's Sally gabbing away on her phone about how the black shoes she just bought will perfectly complement her red blouse, or me talking to a buddy about all the beers I plan on drinking during the weekend, while not paying attention to my speed, swerving in and out of my lane, glaring at myself in the vanity mirror, staring down at my cd case flipping through the pages trying to pick 1 album out of 300, eating a McChicken Sandwich with the wrapper folded to the side, drinking from a 40 ounce super gulp grape soda, cars beeping their horns, flashing their brights, angrily cutting me off, extending their middle finger outside their rolled down window. I really suck.