Friday, April 30, 2004

Some of you are having difficulty accessing the site. That is understandable because the last 48 hours the whole motherfucker has been down. The reason for this is that I am finally moving positively 18th street to it's own hosting account. What does this do for you, you might be wondering? probably nothing, but it will make my life a little easier and I can experiment with some different technology stuff, that I was held back from doing with my current Jerry-rigged deal. To be completely honest I didn't even know who that Jerry character was anyways, so I think the new hosting will be quite enjoyable.

I am using a Canadian company, because the United States is the worst country ever. Actually Michael Moore did that. I just went Canadian cause it was cheaper.

I was at a bar last night. Sometimes I have been known to do things such as that. I was watching this guy in his late twenties playing cover songs on his acoustic guitar hidden in the corner of the bar. Conversations and clanking bottles drowned out the sounds of his sub-par Pearl Jam covers. And I thought to myself, God I am happy I stopped playing music. That could've been me.