Monday, April 26, 2004

Questions that have been coming up recently

Q. Do you write the updates for this page while you are at work?

A. No, definitely not. I write all updates at night and on weekends which is then posted every morning at around 6:30am Mon-Fri.

Q. Do you really hate your job or is your life really as depressing as you make it appear?

A. No, I am actually very content with my current working situation. At the same time the transition from college to the office life is a very difficult time regardless of what anyone says. Alot of my writing is drawn from my experiences as well as others and then exaggerated for comedic effect.

Q. Did you really do such as such that you wrote about the other day?

A. The answer is yes and no. For the most part this page is a work of fiction. While most of the things written here are somewhat based on experiences and actual situations alot of it is just ridiculous.

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