Sunday, April 11, 2004

Peeps, Hangovers, and Handguns

I hope you are having a great Easter holiday, unless you like peeps. Then I hate you and I hope your turkey is dry and your family has the most uninteresting conversations possible. There is something evil about those sugar coated marshmellow treats. I can't tell you why they bother me so much, but there's just something about birds and bunnys covered in pastel colored sugar crystals, with those beedy black eyes staring at you that just disturbs me to no end.

There's nothing like going out on Saturday for a full day bender that extends into the wee hours of Sunday, and then being physically dragged out of bed to go to mass with your family. Reeking of cheap gin, sporting a hastily thrown together outfit lacking the traditional pastel color scheme, bloodshot eyes, holding the weight of your head with the aid of your arm anchored on armrest at the end of the pew. Sorry Jesus.

This weekend, Instead of finding chocolate eggs and jellybeans during an Easter Egg hunt, a group of michigan kids instead found loaded handguns.