Tuesday, April 13, 2004

More Post College Gripes and Hockey Related Nonsense

Being fresh out of college can be one of the most frustrating experiences when you are fully aware that there is a party animal still inside you constantly clawing at it's chance to get out. You know that feeling during work, or sometimes when you are about to go to bed at 10:30 at night? When it feels like something is trying to claw out your insides. At first I thought I might just have a sensitive digestive tract or something, but I went to the doctor the other day and he confirmed my greatest fears. There is this animal inside me that lives off beer and inappropriate behavior, and it is fucking pissed that it's not getting fed. The doctor gave me a bottle of pills and said to wash it down with a couple bottles of booze each night and I should be fine. I am unfortunately not as optimistic as he.

Last night I was playing in an ice hockey game and I got hit in the back of my arm with a slapshot. Because of this my right arm is currently swollen and noticably bigger than my left which I must say has not been an enjoyable experience. I also like the big black bruise that looks suprisingly similar to a hockey puck. I can only pray that chicks dig hockey puck shaped bruises, cause if not I will have to pursue a new hobby.

So I accidently left my hockey bag filled with all my equipment in my car last night and now my car smells like old hockey socks and sweaty shoulder pads. Its pretty overwhelming, and I think I have two choices:
A. put my car in drive and push it off the nearest cliff
B. get one of those tree shaped car fresheners in some homosexual scent like Summer Passion Fruit Breeze or something.

I personally think the cliff option would probably make the most sense.

I feel like I write about my car and driving constantly, but the fact of the matter is I spend almost 2 and a half hours daily driving back and forth to work, so humor me and pretend like you care. alright?