Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Lot of People Had a Rough Year

I talked to a lot of people last weekend. A lot of people who have had a rough last 12 months.

Flipped careers, dreams crushed, taken more than a few doses of reality, false expectations of working life, friendships faded, living paycheck to paycheck, living with parents, entry level bullshit underpaid job, broken down cars, unpaid overtime, elevated gas prices, a pointless war, idiots marching around with "no blood for oil signs," school loans, small apartment, unpaid parking tickets, dipshit boss, single life, married life, family death, reality tv, jealousy, fired, laid off, stabbed in the back, double crossed, single crossed, exercise or lack thereof, 6am wakeup, 10pm sleep, mediocre weekends, sick of hometown, sick of college town, too much alcohol, too little alcohol, rush hour traffic, cell phone bills with roaming charges, train rides from hell, parking garages with inconspicuously placed money boxes, interviews for jobs you don't want, poorly crafted thank you notes, cover letters, suit that's too small for you, limp handshake with something stuck in between your teeth, 75 cent per load of laundry, stolen car stereo, dumped by girlfriend, visa versa, beaten down, tired, shirt and tie, bloodshot eyes, 401k plan, social security, engagement, local bars, bad haircuts, what does it all mean?, shooting for stars that don't exist, gaining weight, losing weight, gained sanity, lost ambition, drunk dialing, lack of communication, lack of motivation, unemployed, working at a video store, the classifieds, grad school, law school, anything to avoid the real world school, down payment, 15% interest, buy one get one free with your fresh values card, standing in long lines, snorting lines, on time, 5 minutes late, punch clock, salary, direct deposit, heating bills, immaturity, inexperience, inappropriate behavior, out of context, out of this world, this sucks.