Monday, April 05, 2004

Income Tax Return and Vice Cream

I got my Income Tax return check today and it is was kind like Christmas, although instead of a fat old guy with a red suit giving me toy cars and wool sweaters with snowflakes on them, the government gave me back money they stole from me the year before. I'll be damned if I ever leave cookies and milk out for those bastards.

If and when I ever get married, I plan to go out in style. Kind of like the guy in this article:
Police Escort Drunken Groom to His Wedding

Speaking of being trashed. Our prayers have finally been answered. A new line of booze flavored ice cream has finally been released called Vice-Cream Now if they would just create a booze flavored toothpaste, my life would be complete.

The Sopranos episode last night was one of the best in years, as anyone else who saw it can attest to. There was a blatant Google product placement and not so blatant Mr. Coffee plug. Once again if you caught any I missed feel free to chime in. Also if you have any predictions on who's gonna get wacked next... Great show