Friday, April 16, 2004

College Students Underestimate their Free Time

I don't think college students realize how much free time they actually have and how that will dwindle to nothing if and when they get a job.

For instance, remember that girl from UW Madison who organized her own fake abduction? Only a college student would have enough free time to pull off something like that. I mean as of recently I have really seriously thought about faking my disapearance too, but to be completely honest I just don't have any time to plan something of that nature while working full time. I think it would be so cool to have a bunch of people stomping through the marshes looking for my lifeless body, and holding candlelight prayer vigils in churches and reporters interviewing people on the news who'd say "oh he was such a nice guy, i can't believe something like this could have happened" even though they truly thought I was a total asshole. And then I'd come back and say, "ok guys I'm back, ha ha, I was just kidding."

Anyways with that said, I'm going back up to my old college this weekend.