Thursday, April 15, 2004

Carb Counters

The other day one of our vendors bought the whole office lunch. As I've mentioned before 95% of the people in my office are Carb counters. I watched as 6 people tore through 2 large pizzas, by just eating the cheese and meat off the top of every piece and piling all the pizza crusts up to the sky on a tray which was later tossed. It seems like such a waste when there are kids in africa who just die to be able to munch on pieces of crust covered in pizza sauce and authentic American slobber. I can't wait till this Atkin's trend dies and people will go back to more reasonable methods of losing weight. Like sticking your finger down your throat.

To anyone who has ever been curious as to the origins and meaning of the title Positively 18th Street, it can all be explained in three links.