Thursday, March 11, 2004

Ten Reasons Why I Will be Single for a Long, Long Time

  1. Even after 23 years on this planet, I have not yet figured out how to dress myself properly
  2. My favorite bars are the ones with cheap beer and questionable patrons
  3. I can't dance, and when I do it usually deeply disturbs most in attendance.
  4. If and when I do get excited about something it usually involves an obscure indie rock record or a white water rafting trip.
  5. I "used" to be a musician
  6. My idea of a good meal can be found on the dollar menu at Golden Arches
  7. 5 o' clock shadow has recently become All o' clock shadow
  8. I write a blog
  9. I live with my parents and sometimes my mom does my laundry
  10. I stopped caring a long time ago