Saturday, March 27, 2004

So I was talking to one of my buddies at the crappy local bar we always go to on weekends. And as usual we get into the always classic "What ever happened to so and so from high school" conversation. You know that conversation right?

What happened to Sarah So and So? "Oh I just heard from her last week. She is finishing up a 4 year physical therapy degree at University of Whatever the Fuck and recently got engaged to a philosophy t.a. with a receding hairline." Or, "oh I just saw Johnny a month ago and he's still working at Parker's Gas Station/Repair Shop replacing mufflers and selling cigarettes to 15 year old girls."

Anyways one of the girls I went to high school with's name came up and I was like, "Oh what is she up to these days?" And my buddy was like, "Dude, you haven't heard she's a stripper at Heavenly Bods?" She is hot!! and rich too. She probably had about 30 singles in her g-string when we saw her.

So much for catholic high school.