Saturday, March 20, 2004

Saturday Morning

The best time every week is when you come home on Friday night and flip off your alarm clock because you don't have to wake up at any specific time for the next two days.

The worst time every week is the following Monday morning at 10am when you realize you forgot to flip your alarm clock back on.

I was talking to this girl at a bar last night and she was explaining to me that two weeks ago she just got out of a two month stint at a rehab facility for a drinking problem. I said, "Well why are you drinking beer in a bar." She said, "Yeah isn't that crazy, 10,000 dollars for all that rehab business and it didn't do shit, what a rip off."


If you by chance have any ambitions of following down the same path check out the 40 things every drunkard should do before he/she dies.

upon a friend's suggestion I finally saw American Splendor this week. I highly recommend it being the next movie you rent.