Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Random Ponderings

  • Will I go to Gillette, Wisconsin this weekend and if so will I again meet the female pig wrestling champion of Northern Wisconsin?

  • Will my enjoyment of direct deposit at work convince me to scrap my plans of withdrawing all of the money from my bank account and putting it in a shoebox under my bed?

  • Does David Spade purposely make the worst movies of all time?

  • Have you ever noticed that whenever you try to get tickets to a concert you want to go to, you can never get them, yet the next day every seat in the stadium is up on ebay?

  • Are any of you idiots planning on voting for Ralph Nader?

  • Why are all the good barber shops closed on Sundays? If you work a 40hr week and you get too trashed on Friday to wake up in time on Saturday, there is only one option. Super Cuts. And you usually end up with some trashy chick that your buddy took home from some bar the other night cutting your hair.
Spam Art

I came across this the other day and thought it was brilliant. This girl set up an e-mail account for
her Dog that gets thousands of Spam emails a day. She takes all the subject lines and then writes poetry with them.

Check that out here. Honestly I wish I would have thought of that idea first. Seems like a great way to waste time.