Monday, March 15, 2004

5 Really Dumb Things You Can Do with an SUV

  1. Accidently leaving your window open while it is raining/snowing and then going into work for the day
  2. Locking your keys in your car in the parking lot before you are about to go on a job interview
  3. Being too lazy to scape all the ice off your windows in the morning, so instead just scraping a little hole on the driver side wind shield to peer out of.
  4. Looking for an obscure Bob Dylan CD in a large cd case while driving 85 down 294 south
  5. Trying to talk on your cell phone while eating a Mc Chicken sandwich and steering your car, driving through downtown Chicago.
and in other news:
The other day some idiot got caught stealing $1,400 worth of Beer. Of course he wouldn't be as much of an idiot if he hadn't got caught. That is a crapload of beer.